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We’re building a stronger resin flooring industry


Resin Flooring Leaders standing together.After almost 20 years of manufacturing, selling, applying and training within his own businesses, Jack Josephsen was frustrated and tired of the same old issues holding resin flooring back.

The industry was stuck in a slow race to the bottom and couldn’t break out because something very important was missing: there was no unity and direction at the top.

There was no voice to drive common interests; no standards, best practices or industry guidelines; no networks, groups or forums for business owners to lean on; every floor covering in Australia had an association
except resin flooring.

If resin flooring was to reach its full potential and become a genuine mainstream choice for consumers, its members had to start communicating and pulling in the same direction.

Driven by a passion to improve the industry and get it moving forward, Jack started Resin Flooring Leaders - an organisation that connects suppliers, applicators, trainers, specifiers and industry experts committed to building a stronger resin flooring industry together.

The creation of Resin Flooring Leaders is another step in Jack’s journey to build a stronger resin flooring industry, which includes:

  • Being a founding member of Resin Flooring International (RFI), an organisation started in 2016 to provide an international framework for training and spark industry collaboration across the globe.
  • Being invited onto the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to review and upgrade the Cert III in Flooring Technology (which included the new resin flooring stream).
  • Being invited to become an associate member of the Australian Flooring Industry Alliance (AFIA), as the sole representative for the resin flooring industry.

If you’re also passionate about improving, growing, sharing and supporting the resin flooring industry and its members, please contact Resin Flooring Leaders today!

You can find out more about Jack and his work within the resin flooring industry below:

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